At Floating Particle we believe that technology and innovation move the world forward. That the way we live is changing day by day to something new and exciting. And we want to be pioneers in this change. Go where no one has been before and come up with solutions that no one has thought about yet.

Floating Particle is a technology and innovation company where we are looking at everyday problems to solve in an efficient and simple way. This not only benefits the client, but the end user and the environment as well. 

We use Artificial Intelligence, IoT, Big Data and Machine Learning to provide up to date and cutting edge technology to our clients. In our laboratory we are constantly experimenting to create personalized solutions that help our partners to achieve the best possible results. This is that we offer – Science and technology, tailored to your needs.

Floating Particle is composed of a small group of engineers and strategic planners. Our members are experienced professionals in industrial machines, energy research and development, project coordination and data analysis. We provide ideas and solutions that benefit numerous industries, companies, factories and infrastructure systems.



Our fascination for science is expressed in our logo. The jellyfish have been present on this planet for millions of years and were the witnesses of our evolution. They came from the deepest oceans and have even been to space.

It’s no wonder that this creature arouses curiosity and inspires the human mind. They are elegant, adaptable, simple and yet full of life. They have impressive longevity and are even able to produce light.

We identify our company with a jellyfish also because of its transparency. Being transparent is an important attribute that represents our connection with our clients and business partners.

Inside the head of our logo, you can find the electronic circuits and nine stars which were inspired by the cluster of the Pleiades, from the constellation Taurus, one of the most brilliant clusters in the universe. The nine stars symbolize the 9 points of Industry 4.0 which include Big Data and Analytics, Internet of Industrial Things (IIoT), Systems Integration, Autonomous Robots, Simulation, Cloud, Augmented Reality, Cybersecurity, and Additive Manufacturing. These elements represent all the innovation and technology that exists in Floating Particle’s DNA.



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9050-075 Funchal – Portugal

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