The Floating Particle team challenged itself to create a new product that can respond to the need for purification of liquids and/or separation of solids from liquids, in an innovative, efficient and economic way.
The result of our research and development is the MEROPE – Low-Temperature Evaporator.

The MEROPE Solution

The MEROPE solution uses state-of-the-art techniques at low temperatures in order to purify liquids and/or separate liquids from solids.

Thanks to the low temperatures, it is a far less energy-demanding solution than the current ones on the market that use, for example, distillation techniques or high temperatures.

How does the MEROPE evaporator work?

1 ∙ The aqueous solution to be treated, whether for the purification of liquids or for the separation of solids from liquids, enters the MEROPE system.

2 ∙ The system performs evaporation at low temperatures, promoting phase separation. At the end of the process, purified water is obtained and solids are separated from liquids.

3 ∙ At the end of the process, any aqueous solution that was not treated returns to the starting point to re-enter the MEROPE system and guarantee high levels of phase separation.

4 ∙ For greater efficiency and productivity, the MEROPE system must constantly have an aqueous solution available to treat, thus ensuring its continuous functionality.

Separate liquids from solids – Separate water from leachate

 From landfills and waste treatment processes, leachate results. These aqueous solutions cannot be sent to sewers without prior treatment to avoid negative environmental impacts.

The treatment of these leachates is based on evaporation processes aimed at reducing organic matter. These are solid in the leachate and are extracting a distilled and purified mass of water.

This purified mass of water can then be sent to sewers without causing environmental damage.

Also, the sludge that results from this separation of solids from liquids can used for other industrial processes.

Today’s technologies promote evaporation from the rise in temperature to the boiling point. At this point the liquid part separates from the solid part, assumiing the vapor state. Afterward, this steam cools to a liquid state. This entire process is energy demanding and represents high operating costs. With the MEROPE solution, the cost can be reduced from €20-€25 to €15/ton.

Extraction of Solid Matter from Salt Lagoons where Lithium Chloride (LiCl) is found

Demand for Lithium tends to increase, playing an important role in the transition to clean energy.

Salt lakes have about 87% of the total extractable Lithium, being one of the most common source for extraction. The water from these lakes, with about 200 to 400 ppm of lithium, is placed in evaporation tanks, where the lithium is concentrated, usually in the form of chloride (LiCl).

The current extracting process represents an urgent chalenge: Evaporation tanks are responsible for several negative impacts on the environmental costs are lower. Moreover, it reduces energy consumption for the same amount of lithium produced, as the MEROPE evaporator works at low temperatures.

Liquid Purification – Desalination of Seawater to Drinking Water

Desalination is often performed using reverse osmosis technology. 

The reverse osmosis processes work by injecting high pressures.

The MEROPE solution – which work based on evaporation at low temperatures – offers greater efficiency for desalination.

On average, reverse osmosis systems consume 4-5kWh per 1 ton of water produced. Energy consumption in the MEROPE system is much lower: 1kWh for every 1.4 tons of water produced.

At Floating Particle we support our clients from the first steps through the implementation until the follow ups. We are here to answer any questions and arrange everything that is needed for a flowing process.

The installation plan considers the customers daily operations, offering a flexible and easy water treatment service.

The client does not need to invest in any equipment neither do any adaptations on their infraestructures. You will only pay for water treatment service, based on a fee to each m3 of water treated.

Floating Particle has a strong commitment to quality in its products and services. We carefully choose our suppliers based on quality standards and certification requirements. Safety and quality are priority from the first contact with the customer through all further follow-up phases.

During our cooperation one of our dedicated project managers will be selected as your point of contact. Our colleague will be responsible for the flowing communication, the management of the process, and to answer any upcoming questions.

For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us via email or telephone.