Our society produces over 2 billion tons of solid waste in only one year. Most of this waste ends up in landfills, which is still the most common disposal method worldwide.
While the landfills are constantly growing, they leave a significant ecological footprint. They release a huge amount of methane which is 84 times more potent as a greenhouse gas than CO2. The methane and CO2 emissions of landfills are highly contributing to global warming.

Landfills cause problems for municipalities, because they occupy valuable territory and produce a big amount of toxic gases and liquids. Not to mention that they are smelly and not pleasant to the eyes either.

Eliminating landfills is in the interest of all of us. 


Waste contains a lot of potential energy.

By using waste to hydrogen gasification we can solve two problems at the same time. We eliminate the pollutant landfills and produce clean energy.

At Floating Particle, we work with plasma pyrolysis, which we consider as the most effective gasification process in order to produce hydrogen from waste.

Floating Particle’s waste to hydrogen gasification process is optimized, regarding the waste’s quality in a small territory.

It results in a simple, adaptive system that is affordable and sustainable, a great solution for small cities, villages, and developing countries equally.

By using our methodology, you gain a self-sufficient answer for waste management problems.

1 ∙ The preconditioned waste enters the reactor
2 ∙ The reactor receives air and separates it into N2 and O2. The N2 is injected into the system, initiating the gasification process
3 ∙ Hydrogen and other products, such as Biochar and O2 are produced
4 ∙ The hydrogen produced can be used to produce electricity, or for direct consumption such as in thermochemical processes, and transport supply.

The benefits of using the STELLAg-40 waste to hydrogen gasification technology

∙ It only needs waste, air, and a very small amount of water to enter the system
∙ All the tar from the gasification is treated and further converted into hydrogen                                                                        ∙ The system is energy self-sufficient
∙ The outcome of gasification is biochar and hydrogen
∙ The generated hydrogen can be converted into electricity
∙ Produces close to 0 emissions

The STELLAg-40 system has the capacity to process 296 kg of biomass and preconditioned waste every hour. By operating for 24 hours, 350 days a year, it means 2486,4 t of processed waste annually.

On the other hand, during the gasification process, the unit has an output of 30.17 kg / h of hydrogen. The hydrogen can be converted into electricity and used to sustain the system. The remaining hydrogen can be sold, which provides a large revenue. The other outputs, such as the biochar and the O2 are also highly valuable on the market, meaning more sources of income.

The STELLAg-40 reactor produces Biochar, Hydrogen, O2, and HCl as an output. They have several applications on the market that generate income. Biochar alone accounts for an annual production of 2,534.28 t which is considered as a big potential revenue.

Regarding our studies, the other main source of income is from hydrogen. Only by selling hydrogen, the investment meets with the 14% of ROI already in the fourth year. Counting with that each machine has a lifespan up to 15 years, it is possible to obtain a ROI of 119%, with estimated profits of around € 10 330 123.00.

A percentage of the hydrogen can also be used internally to produce electricity and return it to sustain the system.

At Floating Particle we support our clients from the first steps through the implementation until the follow ups. We are here to answer any questions and arrange everything that is needed for a flowing process.

As a first step we arrange a meeting with our potential client to learn about each other. We introduce our services and listen to their needs. We propose a customized solution and schedule a plan about the common work in the future.

The installation plan considers the customers daily operations, offering a flexible and easy implementation.

Floating Particle has a strong commitment to quality in its products and services. We carefully choose our suppliers based on quality standards and certification requirements. Safety and quality are priority from the first contact with the customer through all further follow-up phases.

During our cooperation one of our dedicated project managers will be selected as your point of contact. Our colleague will be responsible for the flowing communication, the management of the process, and to answer any upcoming questions.

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