Maranhão, Brazil – Green Hydrogen Production Program

The governamental Green Hydrogen Program (PEH2V) is part of the Maranhão State agenda.

At the Rádio Opinião of Jornal Rádio Universidade FM 106.9, Brazil, the director of Energy, Oil, Gas, Ore and Metallurgical at the State Secretariat for Economic Development and Strategic Programs (SEDEPE), Fraga Araújo, spoke about green hydrogen in the region.

He considers that green hydrogen “is an indispensable commodity for life in society, however, with the war between Ukraine and Russia, countries had to look for alternatives to Russian gas.” “…green hydrogen is still new in Brazil, therefore, the Government of Maranhão launched the Maranhão 2050 Plan…”

The Government Green Hydrogen Program (PEH2V) has been designed to complement the State’s energy matrix, in accordance with the State Policy on Renewable Energy.

Floating Particle is one of the entities taking part at the PEH2V development. Is the government’ intention to use STELLA – Hydrogen Technology in the region, to convert waste into green hydrogen.

The State of Maranhão invited Floating Particle to participate at the Green Hydrogen Congress in 2023.

Maranhão is a Brazilian state located in the Northeast region.

With about 7,114,598 inhabitants, its population density is 19.18 inhabitants/km2 (IBGE, 2010).

It has a natural richness including ecosystems from various biomes and protected regions of rare beauty such as the Lençóis Maranhenses National Park.

Its economy is based mainly on manufacturing industry and agriculture, and it has an important logistical system. The system includes roads, railways and ports, which are fundamental pillars for the import and export activity, and for an easy distribution throughout all regions in Brazil.

Such transport network is an advantage for the green hydrogen production and its supply strategy, allowing to reach both national and international market.


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