Floating Particle joins NVIDIA Inception, the leading accelerator for AI Startups

In June 2021, Floating Particle and Nvidia Inception started their common journey as partners.

What is the Nvidia Inception doing?

The NVIDIA Inception is a global network of AI & data science startups with over 7,500 members. Through the accelerator platform, they provide go-to-market support, as well as expertise and technology.

Startups can apply for membership regardless of their current founding state, and receive tailored help while they grow and become more complex. 

How do we benefit from the cooperation?

The program provides exclusive events for startups to network and to build valuable connections.

They also give access to GPU infrastructure through the NVIDIA Inception incubators. The GPU is crucial for accelerating graphic processing, therefore speeding up computational processes. It is essential for cutting edge AI, especially for Deep Learning processes.

What can we learn?

One of the main goals of the program is to encourage progress in Machine Learning. For this reason, they provide training to their members on the topic. The training is held by their professionals and available in the form of offline and online courses.

We are excited to enroll in our partnership with NVIDIA Inception and make the best out of it. We are concerned that the cooperation will give us a lot of value and opportunity to grow.

To know more about Nvidia Inception, visit their website here.


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