Floating Particle, the PLC.

Floating Particle is looking for new and bigger opportunities. We are ready to grow further and start our cooperation with external investors.

To reach our goal, from now on Floating Particle is not an LDA anymore but a public limited company. 

As part of our evolution we changed our visual identity and proceeded with a new logo which represents our philosophy and business strategy. The jellyfish is adaptable, majestic, and transparent. They exist on the planet for millions of years and have survived, whatever happened. 

Nowadays, we are in the middle of the fourth industrial revolution and such as a jellyfish, we plan to adapt and be ahead. We are pioneers in the future of technology, working with all the 9 aspects of Industry 4.0. Big Data and Analytics, Internet of Industrial Things (IIoT), Systems Integration, Autonomous Robots, Simulation, Cloud, Augmented Reality, Cybersecurity, and Additive Manufacturing – we study and use all these areas to provide the best possible solutions. 

Becoming a public company is part of our plan to leave an impact. With our products we are ready to bring changes to the private and public sphere, and innovate the combustion industry and the water grid systems among others.
Be part of our technological revolution and benefit from our public shares. Contact us today and see Innovation and beyond.


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