Smart cities — what makes a city smart?

What is a smart city? What are the benefits of living in smart cities? And how can Floating Particle make your city smart?

What is a smart city? What are the benefits of living in smart cities? And how can Floating Particle make your city smart?

What is a smart city?

Regarding Wikipedia, a smart city is an urban area that uses different electronic methods and sensors to collect data. By analyzing the data and the gained insights, cities are able to optimize the assets and improve the services. Operations throughout the city get better while saving energy and promoting comfort.

Life in smart cities

What are the features of smart cities?

Every area has its characteristics and could use the collected data in different fields. For example, smart streetlights turn on, only when it is already dark outside. Sensors in parking lots show the occupancy, and you can use digital payment and free wifi nearly everywhere. Living in smart cities improves our quality of life, even if it is not always visible. In fact, the sensors, IoT, and AI can also make sure that we consume safe water and inhale fresh air.

How can smart cities improve their water grids? — SiTAPE

Floating Particle´s smart water grid system, the SiTAPE is perfectly fitting in the smart city model. The SiTAPE system contains turbines that are placed in the water grid. The turbines are able to generate electricity when the circumstances allow it. Furthermore, the turbines have sensors that are using IoT and send data to the AI platform. It optimizes pressure, detects leaks or anomalies, and measure the water quality. As a result, smart cities can avoid water losses and secure clean water.

In smart cities, smart water grids detect leaks

Smart cities answer to waste management problems: Waste to hydrogen gasification — STELLA

Using garbage sensors and automatizing waste collection is already a common feature of smart cities. However, smart waste management could be easily improved. By using the STELLA waste to hydrogen gasifier, cities could reduce landfills, as well as the pollution which they cause. At the same time, the STELLA produces hydrogen, that sustains the system or supplies energy to other entities.

Greener cities, less pollution — SiCO

Many cities are still using industrial combustion processes to gain energy out of fossils. Despite it is not a clean energy source, it doesn´t have to be very harmful. Our solution lies in our SiCO product. The SiCO uses sensors to collect data, and Artificial Intelligence to optimize combustion. The outcome is a more efficient production and significantly fewer emissions.

Above all, Floating Particle is concerned about the citizen´s quality of life. We build our products to ensure safe and clean spheres, including our lands, water, and air. In case you are interested in any of our solutions, do not hesitate to contact us.


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