Improving Combustion and Optimizing Production with AI

Combustion and other thermochemical processes are the foundation stones of several industries.

SiCO provides these industries cutting-edge technology to make efficient and intelligent data-driven decisions in order to optimize and improve thermochemical processes.

The industrial combustion scenario

Whatever the ultimate clean energy source turns out to be, the fact remains that numerous industrial concerns still depend on fossil fuels for their industrial combustion processes. The relatively low cost, availability and high heating value of solid fossil fuels like Coal, RDF’s, Petroleum Coke, Biomass and others, make them the prime sources to satisfy our industry’s needs today.

The problem with these fuels are the inherent losses that result in the combustion process, primarily those resulting from incomplete combustion.

The environmental demands and constraints associated with these fuels have imposed the need for highly complex management of the optimization process in their use, to maximize their efficiency and minimize the costs of operation, both from financial and environmental perspective. 

Currently, the solutions available in the market mainly focus on improving combustion efficiency without taking in account the other important parameters to the users, such as CO2 equivalent emissions level. The available market solutions are inefficient and have relatively long periods of return on investment.

In brief, the following problems making users to seek new, holistic, and more efficient technologies:

  • High waste levels and low efficiency in the combustion process, due to incomplete combustion;
  • Low efficiency in heat production (undesirable variability);
  • High levels of pollutant gas emission;
  • Difficulties in monitoring, controlling and optimizing the combustion process

To work out the above mentioned issues, the combustion dependent industries need to reinvent themselves as data-driven companies.


Floating Particle delivers end-to-end technology to make combustion as efficient as possible while reducing emissions at the same time.

Our data-driven technology collects huge amounts of production and operational data from real-time sensors. We rapidly analyze all relevant contexts, combining multi-physical modeling and machine learning. Our technology can quickly predict and obtain forecasts for any given thermochemical process, leading to high levels of process optimization.

Ultimately, the SiCO technology enables system managers to explore the best production scenarios and to identify the optimal operational conditions, resulting in significant cost reductions.


Highly Modular and Scalable Reactors
that Produce Hydrogen Rich Gas (HRG)

Are highly modular and scalable reactors that produce hydrogen rich gas (HRG), using the latest and most efficient technologies in hydrogen and oxygen production. They are capable of gas pressures up to 20 Bar and temperatures controlled between 0-80°C in single point controlled injectors placed along the transport and primary to quaternary combustion air conduits. The HRG is adsorbed by the solid fuel particle during transportation, which forms a thin layer that reacts at a lower temperature upon entering the combustion chamber. Oxygen is compensated for local depletion phenomena. The combined effect is the improvement of the rates of devolatilisation and the reactivity of the char residue, thus enhancing the combustion process. The SiCO-DRW exists in two types. One of them works with electrolysers (SiCO-DRWe) and the other one supports gasification processes(SiCO-DRWg).

Continuous Emissions Monitoring

Focuses on continuous emissions monitoring that feeds the SiCO-EAI by using the latest technologies in emissions analysis, such as Quantum Cascade Laser (QCL) and Tunable Diode Laser (TDL). The SiCO-CEM provides a greater insight of the combustion process while promoting the optimization routines of the SiCO-EAI and feeding the real-time models of the combustion for greater analysis capabilities.

Evolutionary Artificial Intelligence

Is the main driver of the SiCO combustion technology. Using machine learning, evolutionary optimization algorithms and intrinsic mathematical models in an HPC framework, together with a network of real-time sensors based in the latest IoT technology and the integration of production data, the SiCO-EAI platform is capable of reaching high levels of process optimization while predictively determining the best control strategies for the combustion system. Coupling this high degree combustion analysis and management with the intelligent control of HRG injection by SiCO-EAI, this system empowers users to make faster, better and more accurate decisions that maximize operational results. 

Frontend Platform

Frontend platform between the SiCO system and the user/combustion process manager. On the SiCO-FEP the manager can see the results as well as set up the goals and send it to the AI.

First Contact

Study of Client’s Facilities

Post-installation Services

At Floating Particle, we support our clients from the first steps through the implementation until the follow ups. We are here to answer any questions and arrange everything that is needed for a flowing process.

As a first step we arrange a meeting with our potential client to learn about each other. We introduce our services and listen to their needs. We propose a customized solution and schedule a plan about the common work in the future.

Following our first meeting, the next step is to create the preparatory study. This service is essential to understand the current statement of the client’s facilities. In the Study of Client’s facilities we diagnose the efficiency of the operational process, such as the combustion system. As an outcome, the client receives a report with information about the efficiency levels and the KPIs. This report is our starting point to create a customized plan and prepare the solution for the installations. Also, it provides the base for comparing the KPIs which will measure the impacts of the changes.

The SiCO systems can be installed in existing or new combustion installations. The system design selected depends on the fuel type, fuel consumption and furnace thermal power output.

The installation plan considers the customers daily operations, offering a flexible and easy implementation.

In the post-installation phase of the SiCO system, we provide two SaaS, namely the Control and Telemetry service and the SiCO-EAI. Floating Particle also provides assistance service in the post-installation phase, accompanying the customer for as long as desired.
Floating Particle has a strong commitment to quality in its products and services. We carefully choose our suppliers based on quality standards and certification requirements. Safety and quality are priority from the first contact with the customer through all further follow-up phases.
Installing the SiCO technology is an investment worth taking. Thanks to the reduced energy waste and increased efficiency of the combustion system, the advantages will be visible very quickly. The reduced costs by using the SiCO system provides the client with a fast return of investment.
During our cooperation one of our dedicated project managers will be selected as your point of contact. Our colleague will be responsible for the flowing communication, the management of the process, and to answer any upcoming questions. For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us via email or telephone.